About Us

Fenland First Aid is committed to the principle of comprehensive knowledge and advancement of first aid. We aim to provide a service to the First Aid industry using the highest standards of provision, up to date information, professional trainers and innovative ideas.

Fenland First Aid are approved by Qualsafe Awards, an Awarding Organisation recognised by Ofqual to offer regulated qualifications.

We go right into the heart of the community with first aid training for local organisations and groups, we train people who look after children and babies, schoolchildren, construction workers, doctors, ambulance technicians, agricultural workers and provide CPR and defibrillator training for our local community through our work with Defibrillators For All.

Through this web site, as well as through our training courses and other events, we hope to keep you abreast of the rapidly changing first aid and training/development.

A message from our Director:

I have been involved in many aspects of First Aid, I was a member of St John Ambulance and developed my own HSE approved First Aid training company also producing and editing Focus on First Aid. My initial First Aid experiences were gained within the Post Office, where taking part in first aid competitions was encouraged it was an excellent way to gain skills. I am passionate about increasing the number of people nationally who are first aid trained, including children and groups that offer challenges to our training skills. I am also proactive in supporting the inclusion of AED’s within the workplace. During a conversation someone once said, “If I were to break you in half you would have ‘First Aid’ written inside you”. I feel this is the greatest compliment anyone could pay me.

When engaging new trainers we ensure they have a similar outlook, it is important that our customers know the level of training they are buying from Fenland First Aid will not be compromised. Our trainers are involved in a range of practical first aid activities and bring the training alive for our learners. When leaving the training learners are confident and competent and most importantly they have a smile on their face!

Deborah Slator

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